Solving the Hybrid vs Native app dilemma for businesses

Our Mobile developers, Karolis Sipavičius & Petras Bartušis, share how to best decide between building a Native App or a Hybrid App through the understanding of requirements and business needs.

Staying relevant in the fast-paced mobile world: choosing the best OS versions for your mobile app to support

This white paper gives an overview of the OS market, takes into account business considerations and explores the best strategies for which OS versions your mobile app should support.

Top 10 “hits” to ensure successful app development

Top 10 elements to focus on throughout the app development process that helps increase the project's success.

Android legacy workshop

TeleSoftas Android Team Tech Lead Rokas Jasonas shares his fun workshop on how Android development looked in 2011. To make the workshop as accurate as possible, Rokas took the oldest computer in the office, switched SSD with an old HDD to make it slower, and started installing Windows 7. And this is where the fun began! Read more in the blog post.

Streamlining Dockerfile configuration in PHP

Create a simple base image, which simplifies the development and maintainability of your projects. This image, published on DockerHub, makes starting a new project a breeze by reducing the amount of code required.

Data science as a service: Become data-driven

How can a company start becoming data-driven by centralizing their data storage and what are the benefits of doing this?