Design solutions that serve high-value goals

Your goals are what matters to us. We will align your vision with user needs and the product’s technical capabilities. All the while making sure that great product design translates to business growth and happy customers.

Work with our Design Team to build
custom digital products

Results-Oriented Design

Solve Complex Challenges

Looks aren’t everything. We take care of complex workflows, data visualization,  integrations with other systems, and more.

Clarify and Test Ideas

We build functional, high fidelity prototypes to validate your ideas prior to deploying the final product.

Build Cross-Platform Products

Design user-oriented products across multiple platforms and devices ensuring consistency in each interaction.

Create Information Architecture

Allow users to find what they need with less effort by improving navigation, content structure and user flows.

Goal-Driven Optimization

We use optimization techniques to make the right improvements that drive user retention & revenue.

Provide Delightful Experiences

Build products that enrich the user experience and are highly tailored to their needs.

Design workflow

Be it an improvement of an existing project or a thorough curation starting from the ground up – we’ve got you covered. We can start working on any part of this workflow or adjust it according to your needs. This is how we do it:


We start off with an idea. Our Team evaluates your initial idea and provides unique, research-based feedback to ensure that we are eye to eye when meeting your audience’s distinctive needs.


During the discovery phase, we refine the initial idea, pinpoint any possible issues, and help you discover knowledge gaps. We identify a strategy that supports both user needs and business goals. 


Ideation is a creative process. At first, we analyze the information we gathered so far. Then we generate, communicate, and further develop new concepts to take your project to the next level.

Proof of Concept

At this stage, your idea finally gains shape. Our Design Team builds everything from information architecture to clickable prototypes based on the ideas refined during the Discovery phase. This allows you to have the first look at the prospective end-result.


Your idea turns out into a well thought out design system. We suggest and test visual elements to fine-tune every feature of your project. Our analysis is based on behavior models and your audiences’ interplay with the user interface prototypes.

Development & Testing

During development, the preliminary blueprint is morphed into a functioning software solution with architecture, integrations, security measures, and infrastructure. To make sure that your product has a smooth user experience, Quality Assurance happens throughout the development process.


Once developed and deployed, your project is overseen by our specialists to ensure effective and efficient functionality. We provide further software updates to ensure security and maintain optimal performance at all times. Based on user data and feedback, we continue to work on the user experience improvements.

Product Design - TeleSoftas

Neringa Šidlauskaitė
Product Designer

Tomas Urlikas
UX Designer

Ieva Neverdauskaitė
Product Designer

Marius Kasnauskas
UI Designer, Motion Designer

Milda Budžytė
Product Designer

Artūras Valenta
Design Manager

Our approach

Part of your team

To us, no project is just another project. Think of us as your digital design team that will translate your business needs into real solutions aligned with your strategy and goals. We work closely with all parties involved in the project (client, development team & users) to gather insights and different perspectives. We believe that direct and clear communication is the only way to succeed.

Inclusive digital products

We use the best industry practices to make our designs accessible and understandable by anyone, always keeping diversity top-of-mind. When designing any product, from the very beginning of the design process we consider many factors (such as accessibility for people with disabilities or even access to software, hardware, and Internet connectivity) to make the product inclusive.

Data-driven design

Our decision-making process is based on data. Whether you already have a digital product or want to shape your idea for a new one, we carry out extensive tests, utilize user-behavior research, and apply the best industry practices to deliver tailor-made solutions that drive serious results.

Team of experts

TeleSoftas design team consists of more than 10 experienced designers with diverse skill sets. We have extensive experience in various industries and building different types of digital products, from websites and mobile apps to self-service sites and dashboards for back-end platforms. 



Kurt König

We are extremely satisfied with TeleSoftas performance and very happy about the result. TeleSoftas has been an essential part of creating an outstanding start for the kurts© product.

Fabian Schuster
Head of Corporate Development, Kurts
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TeleSoftas is the best development partner we’ve ever worked with. The most impressive aspect is the level of collaboration between our teams. They’re dedicated, creative problem solvers, and, most importantly, care about their people.

Gareth Williams
Founder and CEO, Yellowdog
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We looked for a partner to help us deliver the best experience and the most innovative solutions. The choice was driven by the exceptional talent, creative approach to IT business, and overlapping business values of the TeleSoftas team.

Vaidotas Bražinskas
Services Product Manager, Tele2

Baltic Aviation Academy

TeleSoftas team delivered way more than has been talked at the starting point. They are passionate about the client’s success from day one. Due to team focus process has been very simple. Hope to work together in the future.

Vytautas Ledakas
Director of TRTO Department, Baltic Aviation Academy

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