Reaching the full potential

Businesses must stay on top of their mobile app to ensure it brings value to their users and the company. The best way to do that is to start with understanding the state of your app; this is where a mobile app audit comes in handy.

Why a Mobile App Audit?

Keeping up with the industry standards

Your app might still be running on old legacy code, which hinders its performance. In that case, your app will require an update in order to avoid the risk of becoming outdated.

Improving the performance

You must review your app’s performance and test it for bugs to ensure your users remain happy. Otherwise, they are likely to uninstall the app from their devices.

Optimising the development cycle

Your app might face potential risks that will make it difficult for you to work on new releases or attempt to scale it up. Therefore it is crucial to solve them before you move forward.

Are you ready for Mobile Audit?

“Our mobile audit service offers a code quality analysis that will determine whether your code leads to bugs and or crashes. On top of that, we can provide: app performance, and development process analysis, app security check and an extensive UX/UI report. At the end of the mobile audit, you will  have a clear understanding of the main issues that stop the app from reaching its full potential and how to solve them.”

Rokas Jasonas, TeleSoftas Mobile Tech Lead


Business Benefits

Industry Know-How

Our Audit team consist of developers and Tech Team Leads who actively work on mobile app development projects for various industries, from Manufacturing to Transportation and even Media. We have gained a fundamental understanding of users’ needs in different markets and can recognise potential risks in your app.

Technology Partner

You are not a client, you are a partner! And as a partner, you enjoy clear and open communication as well as the attention of industry experts who are ready to share their well-tested knowledge to help you grow and scale your app the right way in the future.

All Experts in-house

At TeleSoftas, experts from all fields collaborate in-house by maintaining a quick and consistent knowledge-sharing flow. From UX/UI experts to Software Architects, our team can offer bonus audit reports to help you recognise extra pain points or risks for your app.

Mobile app audit services

Our approach


We firmly believe that providing the users with the experience they are looking for is the only way to develop a successful app. That is why we make sure to analyse your users’ behaviour and help you prioritise what is truly important in your product.

Code quality standards

We pride ourselves on only providing clean, testable, flexible and scalable code. Each of our developers is assigned at least one code reviewer to ensure we do not miss anything.

Partnership built on trust

Our company values Knowledge sharing, collaboration and trust. Those ideas guide how we interact with both our clients and employees as we continue to establish a network of lifetime partners.

Scalable infrastructures

We build and maintain apps that rely on tested code of the highest standard, ensuring an easy and quick adjustment to scale up as your business grows. You can confidently chase a brighter future with our well-designed systems suited to your business logic. 

Fast delivery through Agile & Scrum

We follow the Agile mindset to ensure fast delivery and quality feedback throughout the development process. By using the Scrum methodology, we are able to keep all relevant stakeholders informed and maintain control over the progress.


Kurt König

We are extremely satisfied with TeleSoftas performance and very happy about the result. TeleSoftas has been an essential part in creating an outstanding start for the kurts© product.

Fabian Schuster
Head of Corporate Development, Kurts
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Celebrating Client Success: Sanitex

Unlike traditional testimonials that feature clients endorsing our services, this reverse testimonial video shifts the spotlight onto our team, expressing gratitude and admiration for the experience of collaborating with Sanitex.

Justas Valatka
Business Unit Lead

20 Years of Innovation in the Telco Industry

TeleSofas has played a pivotal role in shaping the Telco landscape, partnering with industry leaders such as Viavi, and Spirent and contributing to the development of next-generation telecommunications solutions.

Algirdas Stonys
Founder of TeleSoftas


TeleSoftas is the best development partner we’ve ever worked with. The most impressive aspect is the level of collaboration between our teams. They’re dedicated, creative problem solvers, and, most importantly, care about their people.

Gareth Williams
Founder, Yellowdog
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We looked for a partner to help us deliver the best experience and most innovative solutions. The choice was driven by the exceptional talent, creative approach to IT business and overlapping business values of TeleSoftas team.

Vaidotas Bražinskas
Services Product Manager, Tele2

Baltic Aviation Academy

TeleSoftas team delivered way more than has been talked at the starting point. They are passionate about the client’s success from day one. Due to teams focus process has been very simple. Hope to work together in the future.

Vytautas Ledakas
Director of TRTO Department, Baltic Aviation Academy

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