Company overview

Sanitex is a business conglomerate that operates in various segments of the wholesale industry in the region. Some of its subsidiary companies include PROMO Cash&Carry, Baltic Logistic Solutions, and Officeday, among others. The group primarily deals with catering industry as part of its business operations integrated within their logistics and retail companies. In 2021, TeleSoftas and Sanitex established a partnership, combining their efforts to drive digital transformation.

The case

This partnership aims to empower Sanitex with technology, enabling them to streamline processes, drive growth, and stay ahead in a competitive market. TeleSoftas agreed to become part of the journey in driving Sanitex’s technological advancement by leveraging the industry experience and innovation know-how.

Embracing a collaborative and agile approach team was set to investigate state of the project and technological roadmap while bringing its input and high level architecture to the project delivery. The collaboration began with collecting requirements, conducting analysis, and aligning their visions. From the outset, the partnership has grown stronger and continues to provide mutual support as both companies work together towards shared goals. Team setup from 5 individuals has grown into multiple projects and scrum teams, in total combined of 20+ people.




Compose lib
Windows Workflow Foundation
AWS S3 Storage


Manhattan (Scale) system
Dokobit API 
Estonian governmental e-services (to declare tobacco and alcohol goods)


Dedicated Development Team
UX/ UI Design
Web App development
Back-end development
Front-end development

The challenge

With the beginning of the collaboration, requirements gathering, and joint workshops we have identified the main areas, which needed to be addressed. The biggest challenge associated with other limitations coming out of it was legacy systems, which couldn’t address the needs of growth of the company and business in the Baltic states. Adapting and aligning business processes required significant changes to existing workflows, employee training, and change management efforts. Having in mind this, we focused on core areas: Data Migration, Integration and Compatibility, Business Process Adaptation.

Addressing these challenges required careful planning, a clear understanding of business requirements, and effective collaboration between IT, stakeholders, and end-users. Moreover, these complex challenges were scattered across different business segments, companies and geography – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This implementation across different Baltic states with the diversity of legal frameworks has set another challenge of implementation, which required custom solutions covering the needs of the client.


The solution

Understanding the challenge we have set ourselves with the help of Sanitex team to solve these key areas:
  • Streamline the wholesale company’s digital sales operations by optimizing the ecommerce solution, improving order management, inventory tracking, and fulfillment processes.
  • Optimize the organization vast product data and customer information through MDM software solution, leading to improved data accuracy, efficiency, and decision-making.
  • Enhance inventory accuracy and visibility through the WMS, enabling the wholesale company to make data-driven decisions, avoid stockouts, and optimize inventory levels.

Key objectives have resulted in following core products of the Sanitex group:


Master Data Management (MDM) solution designed to empower the company in effectively managing and organizing their vast range of product data and customer information. It enables consistent and accurate management of master data across various systems and departments, ensuring data integrity and quality. MDM allows for harmonization of data, standardization of processes, and provides a holistic view of information.


development of a custom Warehouse Management System (WMS) software specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of BLS (Sanitex group company). It enables efficient management of inventory, tracking of stock levels, and accurate order fulfillment. Besides the WMS we have created an integrated order management system on top of the main solution.


optimizing the ecommerce platform’s functionality, user experience, and performance, thereby enabling Sanitex to expand their online presence and streamline its digital sales operations on both fronts – b2b, and b2c. In tackling both fronts of the project, the TeleSoftas team had to develop Android and front-end applications that adhered to user experience principles and incorporated adaptive user interfaces.

HR system

creating an internal custom-tailored HR solution for the Sanitex Group. The software offers a centralized platform where HR teams can manage employee data, records, and workflows across different countries. It eliminates the need for separate systems and manual processes in each location, ensuring consistency and accuracy in HR operations.

The outcome

Join collaboration and involvement, with Sanitex leading product roadmap and TeleSoftas covering the technology part, Sanitex successfully migrated from legacy systems to modern ones, unlocking the benefits of improved efficiency, scalability, and enhanced functionality, especially laying the foundation for the future. The successful collaboration between TeleSoftas and Sanitex has led to significant efficiency gains, reduced manual errors, and accelerated order fulfillment.

Real-time data insights and robust reporting capabilities empowered the company’s decision-makers to make data-driven choices, propelling strategic growth initiatives and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Thanks to both parties’ engagement and dedication Sanitex company experienced minimal downtime and smooth operations throughout the transition. The success of this collaboration not only elevated the wholesale company’s market position but also set the stage for continued innovation and sustainable growth in the fiercely competitive industry.

We can firmly claim that this partnership is about collaboration and integration, when there is no distinction between the companies or people.

”Working with TeleSoftas has been vital in achieving our business objectives. Their dedication to our success has made them an invaluable extension of our team“

Saulius Adamauskas
CIO, Sanitex Group

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