Get Global: Bridging the Gap

Get Global is a career accelerator for African tech talent, beginning in Nigeria. The program seeks to help locally trained tech talent bridge the global skill and culture gap that makes it challanging for them to transition to the global tech ecosystem, thereby allowing them to find and secure international job opportunities. 

The Baltic Times
TeleSoftas acquires shares in German company “kurts toolbox”

TeleSoftas has become a shareholder in its partner, kurts toolbox. The Lithuanian company helped develop a mobile, contactless construction tool rental system for the well-known German brand, and is committed to building strong business relationships between the two countries. To celebrate this partnership, the companies embarked on an expedition to Kilimanjaro, where both their flags were proudly flown at the summit.

Solving the Hybrid vs Native app dilemma for businesses

Our Mobile developers, Petras Bartušis & Karolis Sipavičius, share how to best decide between building a Native App or a Hybrid App through the understanding of requirements and business needs.

Women in IT: Being a developer is about drive, not gender

In honour of international women's solidarity day, we decided to highlight the advantages IT ladies find in the tech industry by sharing what aspects of it 'spark joy' in their lives.

5 things I learned in Android internship at TeleSoftas

The true story of internship experience at TeleSoftas from the eyes of now Junior Android Developer Justas. From the onboarding tasks to code review, and becoming a huge part of the team.

Choosing and managing a dedicated software development team

Choosing and managing a dedicated software development team is more than building a product or service. It’s about creating additional value and future-proofing your software. Read our guide to find out more.