20 Years of Innovation in the Telco Industry

TeleSoftas, a leading software consultancy firm, proudly announces its two-decade milestone of excellence and innovation in the telecommunications industry. From humble beginnings as pioneers in Symbian app development, the company has evolved into a trailblazer, specializing in the development of solutions that focus on network test, monitoring, and assurance. In [...].

Celebrating Client Success: Sanitex

In the dynamic landscape of software consultancy, client success is the heartbeat of every thriving partnership. At TeleSoftas, we recently embarked on a unique venture to spotlight our collaboration mark of 2 years with Sanitex, expressing our pride and happiness while working Sanitex group. Unlike traditional testimonials that feature clients [...].

The Baltic Times
TeleSoftas acquires shares in German company “kurts toolbox”

TeleSoftas has become a shareholder in its partner, kurts toolbox. The Lithuanian company helped develop a mobile, contactless construction tool rental system for the well-known German brand, and is committed to building strong business relationships between the two countries. To celebrate this partnership, the companies embarked on an expedition to Kilimanjaro, where both their flags were proudly flown at the summit.

Choosing and managing a dedicated software development team

Choosing and managing a dedicated software development team is more than building a product or service. It’s about creating additional value and future-proofing your software. Read our guide to find out more.

The 4 business values of mobile app maintenance

This article is an introduction to mobile app maintenance and the value it brings to both businesses and users.

Client relationship management: TeleSoftas’ insights on success

Insights on entering and maintaining successful client relationships with long-term potential.