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Make AI an integral part of your company’s strategy. You’ll be more lean and agile to adapt to deviations. You’ll gain the ability to find hidden patterns in your organization which you can use for creating more value for your customers as well as apply them for new business ideas.

What We Do


Time-based preconditions (regression-based predictions)
Text analysis
Semantic analysis
Object detection
Deep learning


Apache Spark
Azure Machine Learning

Tech Roles

Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
AI Engineer

Our expertise

AI Product Development

Build AI-powered products. We will cover all phases of the development: Data Analysis, Case Analysis, Solution Development, deployment and AI Devops.

Machine Learning

Transform data into actionable intelligence and enable real-time decision making by integrating ML into your business processes.

Text Analytics

Get insights about trends and patterns from vast quantities of unstructured textual information.

Computer Vision

Develop custom solutions that process, group and classify digital images to recognise patterns.

Intelligent Agents

Deliver a superior customer experience and automate processes with AI driven chatbots and virtual assistants.


We can start working on any part of this workflow – either taking all the steps together with you or joining after you completed some of the initial steps yourself.

Problem Identification

Is this really a task for AI?

We need to establish that the problem we are facing can be solved with an automated solution. At this initial phase we investigate the problem domain, the data that can be accessed or collected – defining data requirements at this stage is essential – and evaluate whether we have the knowledge in-house or we can access it relatively easily.

Business Requirements

What business value we want to create with AI?

This stage is all about setting clear goals and priorities, with the biggest business value in mind. Defining success criteria, assessing available and required resources and evaluating risks are all essential components of this stage.

Data Requirements

Do we have the data to solve your problem? Is it accessible?

During this stage, we prepare the data for further use in the process – to develop an ML model. Together with the client, we define the data requirements, including:

  • Where do we store our data?
  • How is our data formatted?
  • Does the data contain all the requirements?
Modelling & Evaluation

Creating your AI solution.

Based on the business and data requirements established earlier, we develop an AI-powered solution or model the AI as a part of your current IT infrastructure. At this stage we also set the project timeline. Then the magic happens!


It’s time.
We will integrate the AI solution into your IT infrastructure and provide tailormade solutions for this integration to make the process seamless.
After the initial deployment, we will monitor the health of your AI solution or create a self-learning solution that would self-sufficiently adapt to the changes in your business requirements.

Build AI-driven applications
or add intelligence to the existing ones

AI services

Our approach

Technology partner

What makes pioneers different from regular people is their curious tech-optimism. We’re happiest when we can be the technology partner for companies that share this drive and see value in AI applications. We go an extra mile to ensure a long- lasting partnership with the technology believers.

Empowered teams

Happy and eager teams find their way to excellent results sooner than those who dedicate a lukewarm amount of care. That’s what we believe – building great code and masterpiece algorithms should have a decent amount of fun and joy in it. We want our people to be max creative and invested, and we do everything prescribed to keep them empowered and happy.

Mastery and ownership

We do love code. Getting it right and getting the best of it are our two working modes, and we take personal and professional growth seriously. Our teams initiate and participate in various activities oriented toward improvement, such as group coding (Coding Dojos), code reviews and knowledge sharing sessions between different technology teams.

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