Agile Team Lead confessions & where it all began…

The confession of a Developer becoming a Team Lead for the Agile community of TeleSoftas. In his blog post Yannick shares his journey, what he practices and believes while leading the team.

What makes a senior a senior? Webinar Panel Discussion Q&A

What does it take to become a senior IT developer? What traits and knowledge to possess and polish so you can carve your way towards the seniority of IT craft?

Work in Lithuania
Success Stories: Bart Kappel

"Actually, I didn’t know that much about Eastern Europe, and I had only visited Lithuania as a holiday destination once before. So, when I came here to live the mentality did surprise me a bit – Lithuanians are very friendly towards foreigners, although they also have a completely different, exotic, non-Western way of thinking, and it took some time for me to get to know them."

IT professionals returning from emigration: we have everything we need in Lithuanian companies

Lithuanian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is growing rapidly. Companies are becoming more competitive globally, employing not only Lithuanian specialists but also attracting the attention of emigrants.

IT specialist, who relocated from the Netherlands to Lithuania: It’s better here

Bart Kappel decided to continue his career in Lithuania. He s is currently studying the Lithuanian language, continues to improve in the technology field and hopes to stay in Lithuania.

Inspiration: A hearing disability has not been a barrier for our system administrator Lukas Narbutas

Not all of us are aware of the real challenges people with disabilities face. Although it is often difficult to get involved in the community and to work full-time because of disability, as Lukas Narbutas says, it is possible.