Algirdas Stonys, the founder and CEO of TeleSoftas for almost 20 years, will now focus more on building relationships with existing and potential partners, investment management and company representation in social activities and initiatives. He is handing over the position of TeleSoftas CEO to his long-time colleague and the company’s CPO Šarūnas Putrius.

The company has been planning the management change for almost a year and has been actively preparing for the move by reassigning responsibilities and planning further processes. However, the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the particularly active participation of A. Stonys in the activities of the international charity and support foundation “Helping Wing”, convoys to the most dangerous places in the war-torn territories, accelerated the entire process of handing over the wheel of the company to Š. Putrius.

„Šarūnas has 18 years of experience in the IT market and has been working in our company for more than 12 years, so he knows the company, its internal culture, the team and is one of the main creators of TeleSoftas’ internal processes. Moreover, his practical experience in different positions also allows him to have full confidence in the existing competencies, which will undoubtedly help to take new steps in the rapid growth phase of the company “, says TeleSoftas founder A. Stonys.

For the past six years, the new head of the company, Š. Putrius has held the position of the Chief Production Officer and has been the creator of many of the company’s management and organizational design practices: from the development of the corporate structure focused on sustainable growth to the application of the Management 3.0 principles, to the creation of unique roles in administrative departments.

“In more than 12 years TeleSoftas became my second home – I was responsible for the entire production and formation of the company structure, I coordinated adjacent departments. This year, as the company has passed the 250 employee hallmark and officially joined the ranks of large companies, we have even more responsibilities in responding to both their and our customer’s expectations and in fulfilling the company’s ambitions. We will continue to focus on high-quality business growth and expand the offer of business management and its digitalisation services”, comments Š. Putrius.

Meanwhile, A. Stonys, who has been actively involved in the business and management of TeleSoftas for almost two decades, plans to focus even more on attracting new clients, developing business relations with major clients and investments after handing over the management chair.

“My ambition is to further strengthen TeleSoftas’ position and activities in the global IT market. The new position will enable us to take care of the sales channels and the company’s growth, and allow our employees to be even happier. Moreover, even though we are a Lithuanian capital company, we have set up branches in several different foreign locations since long ago, therefore, the desire to merge these branches into an international unit – a group or a holding – is also among the ambitions,” A. Stonys says.