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For Ukrainians

We are shaken by the events happening in Ukraine and constantly looking for ways to help people that stayed at the country and the ones who were forced to leave.

TeleSoftas has opened all job position for Ukrainians that are in a need for a job in Lithuania.

We encourage you to apply through a specially created job position for Ukrainians.

Why work at TeleSoftas?

TeleSoftas employee working with computer

Nurturing hard and soft skills

Every team has a Team Lead who takes care that the team grows professionally and is in charge of nurturing teams’ growth, compatibility and encouraging the development of soft competences.

TeleSoftas employees smiling and having fun

Community – first!

We started off as a group of friends, who wanted to do interesting work and have fun while doing it. That’s why, even though we grew in scale, we kept the community principles, where all are equal, respected and empowered. We’re still a group of friends, just a very big group.

TeleSoftas employees working together

Learning from the world's best

Employees have their own individual growth plans and a yearly budget for visiting top conferences and workshops, from NYC, Silicon Valley to local meetups. We also bring exceptional speakers and mentors to inspire and train us.

TeleSoftas employees working together

Pumping knowledge together

The love for our craft grew a vigorous knowledge sharing culture at TeleSoftas. The teams share their progress in weekly workshops. Code review practice allows knowledge exchange from the most experienced to the least. So if you ever need a helping hand, here, there’ll always be one, or two, or three…

TeleSoftas office

Projects for global markets

We create really cool projects in different fields, including mobile, fintech, telco, animation, etc. Some of our software is estimated to be used by 10% of the world’s population. Agile is a common sense here. And all of our project managers are certified Scrum Masters.

TeleSoftas employees doing sports and having fun

Top of to-do list: fun

Whatever you do, however well, it’s never good to get too serious. Because our work is part of life. And life should be lived with a lot of fun. Full stop. 😉

Internships: Make your internship count

Learn practical skills while working on real projects, get mentored by masters of their field and possibly join the TeleSoftas team with an upgraded set of skills!

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