Company overview

Perlas Network is the largest trade and financial services network in Lithuania. Perlas is best known for its terminal network that covers the whole territory of Lithuania and operates in almost every supermarket or store. A network of 2,300  POS terminals provides a variety of services: payment and tax collection, mobile prepayment account replenishment, lottery ticket sales, bank transfers, insurance, and credit services, as well as cash deposit and withdrawal services.

Scope: UI & UX Design

Workshops and brainstorming

User flows


Illustrations & Icons

High-fidelity prototypes

Usability testing


The case

The client realised that by having physical terminals only they are missing out on the opportunity to attract a younger, technology-savvy audience that prefers online payments. In addition to this, the need for innovation was influenced by the changing market situation as Perlas’ main competitors started launching mobile payment apps. That is how the idea for Perlas’ GO app was born. While traditional terminals lack flexibility, the mobile solution should offer simplicity, connectivity, and security for the users.

The challenge

TeleSoftas part of the project was to craft a slick UX/UI design for a new generation billing and payments mobile app. As it usually happens with innovations, there are many obstacles to overcome along the way. Here are the challenges we faced:


The product needed to stand out from the competition, address the needs of existing users but also attract and retain a younger target audience.


UX/UI design should showcase that Perlas has a modern approach to finances. The product must be innovative and convenient to use.


Since the product incorporates complex payments and various service providers, another challenge was to combine several workflows into a seamless user experience.

Key project stages

We designed Perlas mobile app from scratch, remaining in close contact with the client, providing frequent updates and recommendations. Here are the key stages in the course of our collaboration:

Designing for trust and engagement

Any digital product related to finance faces the challenge of looking trustworthy and innovative. Our team incorporated these factors across the entire customer journey. Here is how we did it:

1) Showing payment history and detailed statistics on where the user spends money.
2) Providing numerous ways to unlock the app (finger scanning and face recognition).
3) Adding animations and micro-interactions to the wireframes, so the final product would engage and delight the user.

Great UX throughout the customer’s journey

Perlas Go mobile application contains complex features, such as the ability to manage the payments of multiple households and merging various types of bills into one single cart. It provided multiple UX challenges that were solved by a series of workshops with the client, brainstorm sessions, and constantly iterating wireframes. To simplify the user’s journey we created a new workflow. This process helped us to reach a solution that we were ready to test with the real users.

Meeting user needs

To measure how user-friendly the new application is and expose possible usability defects our design team conducted usability testing with 10 participants. It allowed us to further refine the product.


Within just a few months, TeleSoftas Design team prepared a final version of UX / UI design for the Perlas mobile app. With the complete documentation and recommendations, development team could easily implement it. Together with the client, we introduced new features and a modern interface that allows Perlas to differentiate in the market.

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