This white paper gives an overview of the OS market, takes into account business considerations and explores the best strategies for which OS versions your mobile app should support.

Keep up with the booming Mobile App market 

Due to the growing use of mobile devices and the increasing value mobile apps bring to business, the OS market is becoming more innovative and fast-changing. The result is multiple OS versions being used simultaneously within the market, requiring the constant updating and maintaining of apps to ensure they can operate on all current versions. However, this will cost a business both time and money, and therefore we prepared an extensive guide to help you determine which updates your mobile app should support. 

Business considerations

Before going into developing and/or updating an app, a business should consider the following:

1. Should the app be available on Android/iOS or both?

2. How much time will it take to develop the desired app?

3. How much will it cost to develop a valuable app?

Staying relevant in the fast-paced mobile world: choosing the best OS versions for your mobile app to support
Staying relevant in the fast-paced mobile world

Choosing the best OS versions for your mobile app to support


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Rokas Jasonas
This white paper was written by TeleSoftas Mobile Tech Team Lead Rokas Jasonas. For more insights from Rokas follow him on Linkedin.