Strong AI vs Weak AI: What to Anticipate from It?

What is AI like today? What myths surround this topic and what can we anticipate from artificial intelligence in the future? Hop in as TeleSoftas Lead AI Engineer Bart Kappel sheds the light on the topic.

Adobe XD vs. Figma: Comparing Top Design Tools

Read the expert review of all the best UX tools in the market for teams with broad collaboration needs. TeleSoftas designers just recently have switched their main tool SKETCH. In this article, TeleSoftas UX designer Tomas Urlikas lays down all one should be aware of when navigating the numerous design solutions!

Offering innovative solutions in the Smart City domain

SMAPPA network connects the tech expertise of different companies to develop a robust, scalable, and secure cloud-based solution that integrates and processes data from different sources of environmental parameters.

The prototyping and development of the transport exchange data aggregator

The product focuses on the automation of the cargo search, by aggregation of transport exchange data.

AI: Is Your Business Ready For It? Webinar Panel Discussion Q&A

How AI is helping businesses grow? How to successfully integrate it into your services and what are the factors that prevent companies or entire governmental institutions from adopting this technology? Find out!
YellowDog: How TeleSoftas Helped Kick-Start YD Product Development

As YellowDog celebrates its 5th year in business, Simon Ponsford, Chief Technology Officer, looks back at how YellowDog has navigated some of the key technology trends with the help of TeleSoftas.