TeleSoftas Nigeria contributes to the growth of the tech ecosystem worldwide by reskilling African tech talent for global opportunities.

Get Global is a career accelerator for African tech talent, beginning in Nigeria. The program seeks to help locally trained tech talent bridge the global skill and culture gap that makes it challenging for them to transition to the global tech ecosystem, thereby allowing them to find and secure international job opportunities. 

It has become quite familiar to have tech programs with goals to train tech talents, with a view to providing skills for the fast–rising tech ecosystem in Africa and the world. Nigeria is an excellent example of this because several digital skills programs by training organizations and the over 201 digital innovation hubs have churned out thousands of entry-level engineering talent in Nigeria over the last few years. These programs have produced far more talent than the local tech ecosystem can absorb. Many of the trained engineers still need to be employed, some are underemployed, and some have secured local internships and jobs. In contrast, a few (compared to the numbers trained) have connected with global opportunities and are enjoying strategic exposure, becoming more confident in the solutions they proffer. They are making significant impact as they contribute to the tech ecosystem worldwide; at the same time allowing them to earn multiples of what they previously could with local opportunities. 

The global demand for tech talent continues to grow

For particular reasons such as work culture differences, inappropriate technical know-how, and irrelevant technical experiences, the thousands of entry-level engineering talent cannot transition from either underemployment/unemployment and local opportunities to the global scene even though the global demand of tech talents continues to grow.

It has become pertinent to build a program that helps these thousands of trained local engineers cross the growing ‘chasm’ between playing in the local ecosystem with insufficient opportunities and the global ecosystem with many options.

An urgent need to refine Nigeria’s tech talents

While Tech Talent programs and incubators have fostered the emergence of Tech Talents in various countries, especially in Africa, there is an urgent need to refine these talents to the extent that they remain relevant key players beyond Nigeria. This ‘talent refinery’ will invariably increase the value of the digital economy worldwide; for instance, in Nigeria, it will boost its digital economy to contribute more than 17.8% of Nigeria’s GDP and directly give young people dignifying and fulfilling jobs.

Get Global

Get Global seeks to attract locally trained junior – mid-level tech engineers and expose them to a practical program and community that enables them secure international job opportunities. These talents are reskilled by global standards, having gone through hands-on field experience executed on global standards which spans 12 weeks (which is a significant aspect of Get Global’s bootcamp experience, which also includes mentorship from EU tech team leads). This reduces the cost of onboarding new hires for tech companies and fosters a more straightforward path for tech talents.

Every beneficiary who goes through the Get Global program will:
  • Acquire additional tech skills that would aid their transition from the local ecosystem to the global scene.
  • Be taught cultural, attitudinal, and ethical learnings that help position them to attract international jobs and organizations like Telesoftas.
  • Have access to robust international opportunities and community.
  • Be matched to a dignifying and fulfilling job with reputable global tech companies.

Get Global is a win-win for tech talents and companies as it provides ready access on both ends and at very little cost or risk. Funders like the MasterCard Foundation have identified how valuable Get Global is positioned to be and is gearing up to support Get Global.

This is a call to tech talents and companies who would like to enjoy these benefits and indeed ‘Get global’, you could head over to and sign up to join its teeming community and be in the loop of the ongoing and upcoming activities, poised to make you succeed. 

CEO of TeleSoftas Nigeria, Mimshach Obioha
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