Finding My Productivity Workflow

TeleSoftas Tech Team Lead Tadas shares his advices for the productive workflow and insights on how to match both digital and analog note-taking approaches.

Android legacy workshop

TeleSoftas Android Team Tech Lead Rokas Jasonas shares his fun workshop on how Android development looked in 2011. To make the workshop as accurate as possible, Rokas took the oldest computer in the office, switched SSD with an old HDD to make it slower, and started installing Windows 7. And this is where the fun began! Read more in the blog post.

Streamlining Dockerfile configuration in PHP

Create a simple base image, which simplifies the development and maintainability of your projects. This image, published on DockerHub, makes starting a new project a breeze by reducing the amount of code required.

Algirdas Stonys hands over CEO role at TeleSoftas to Šarūnas Putrius

Algirdas Stonys, the founder and CEO of TeleSoftas for almost 20 years, will now focus more on building relationships with existing and potential partners, investment management and company representation in social activities and initiatives. He is handing over the position of TeleSoftas CEO to his long-time colleague and the company’s CPO Šarūnas Putrius.

Hiring Tech Talent for Nigerian & EU Employers. A Matchmaker’s experience

How do you manage the expectations of companies and potential candidates when they come from different countries and markets? Which skills of Tech professionals are preferred by global companies? Those are very relevant questions in the hot and international job market. Jane shares her discoveries with hopes to provide better understanding and appreciation for different sides,open your mind to these varied expectations.

Joining TeleSoftas. My Journey

This blog post features the journey of senior .Net Developer Babatunde, who found his way to TeleSoftas. From getting to know the company and the culture to a huge decision to move to Abuja for a workplace that values human connection and wellbeing.

How pandemic opened a window to NN/g UX certification

In the pandemic years, many conferences and courses were set aside. The design field is no different. The world of events seems to have stopped for a while. But as we say, where one door closes, another opens – less available conferences finally went online. Read the blog post by Julija Timčenko sharing the experience and takeaways from NN/g UC certification.