Product Design Workshop

Do you have an idea for your digital product but don’t know where to start? A 3-day product design workshop with our experts will help to shape your idea and plan the essential features of your product.


Prepare for the development of your idea

Define product

Create a compelling vision that will guide product decisions, inspire your team, and convince stakeholders.

Prepare documentation

Prepare the documentation and assets that are necessary to start the development of your product.

Plan and estimate your project

Plan your budget, estimate the time and resources needed for the development of your digital product.

What will you get?

These are the deliverables our team prepares within 14 business days after the workshop

Workshop Materials

Everything we work on during the MVP workshop: product canvas, personas, event storming, user journey map, and prioritization chart.

Tech stack recommendations

We identify how your business challenges impact potential technology choices. We define the initial scope and strategic roadmap of your product, complete with an MVP definition.

Project plan & estimation

Our team will help you create a detailed execution plan based on our knowledge and experience. Additionally, our experts:

1) Identify assumptions that may have an impact on the product or project.
2) Provide the list of risks, insights, and suggestions to further develop the project.

Workshop agenda

Workshop agenda may be adjusted and customized depending on your project specifics.

Pre-workshop preparation

Together with the client, we prepare for the workshop in advance. This helps us to ensure that the workshop is relevant to your needs. Pre-workshop we usually:

– Gather all relevant information (we ask the client to send us all the relevant information that you have so far: research, insights, interviews, polls, feedback).
– Arrange a short call with a client.
– Structure workshop agenda depending on the client needs.

Day 1 – What does the business want? (2-3 h)

Introduction (agenda, ground rules, introduction to design tools) (10 min)
A business brief (fill in the information that is already known and identify knowledge gaps) (1-2h)
Market fit ( competitor analysis) (2-4 competitors, 1.5h)

Day 2 – What do users want? (3-6h)

User segments (personas) (1-2h)
User Journey Map (1-2h)
Value proposition canvas (1-3h)

Day 3 – What’s the plan (4-7h)

Features (user stories) & Priorities (2-4h)
MVP crystallization (roadmap and epcis) (1-2h)
Technical consultation (technical risks, possibilities) (1-2h)

Workshop participants

Every workshop is different – we form the team structure according to your needs and your product specifics. The Product Design Workshop teams could include:

TeleSoftas team

Account Manager
UX / UI designer
Technical people (roles will depend on the project specifics)
Scrum Master

Client’s team

Your Product Owner
Your Business Person
Your Technical Person

Perlas Go: UX / UI Design for Mobile Payments App

Read how a series of workshops helped to kick-start the development of the financial services mobile app.



Kurt König

We are extremely satisfied with TeleSoftas performance and very happy about the result. TeleSoftas has been an essential part in creating an outstanding start for the kurts© product.

Fabian Schuster
Head of Corporate Development, Kurt König
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TeleSoftas is the best development partner we’ve ever worked with. The most impressive aspect is the level of collaboration between our teams. They’re dedicated, creative problem solvers, and, most importantly, care about their people.

Gareth Williams
Founder and CEO, Yellowdog
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We looked for a partner to help us deliver the best experience and most innovative solutions. The choice was driven by the exceptional talent, creative approach to IT business and overlapping business values of TeleSoftas team.

Vaidotas Bražinskas
Services Product Manager, Tele2

Baltic Aviation Academy

TeleSoftas team delivered way more than has been talked at the starting point. They are passionate about the client’s success from day one. Due to teams focus process has been very simple. Hope to work together in the future.

Vytautas Ledakas
Director of TRTO Department, Baltic Aviation Academy

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