Company overview

YellowDog is a late-stage startup from Bristol, with fascinating potential. While the world is compiling oceans of unstructured data, the need for processes like machine learning and massive processing on-demand will only increase. This is where YellowDog steps in. It allows businesses to scale, control and optimise compute hungry workloads, through intelligent predictive scheduling and orchestration.

This multi-cloud workload management platform is best at supporting industries that run a high number of calculations consistently, such as financial services, animation, aerospace and require high-performance computing. Hence if you are in the business of performing complex calculations at high speeds, you might just need this platform we helped our client build.

”TeleSoftas is the best development partner we’ve ever worked with. The most impressive and likable aspect is the level of collaboration between our team. They’re dedicated, creative problem solvers, and, importantly, care about their people.”

Gareth Williams
Founder and CEO, YellowDog

The case


Building on a relationship that dates back to projects predating YellowDog, Gareth Williams the CEO and founder of YellowDog contacted TeleSoftas for a partnership to tackle a unique challenge – building a unrivalled computing platform that is secure and can be utilised by computing power-hungry industries tackling complex calculations.


Full Stack Development
Project Management
Support/DevOps (CI/CD)


API platform




Stripe payment gateway integration
JustGiving (charity)

The solution

Team selection

TeleSoftas and YellowDog partnership kicked off in merely three days: starting with the interview stage that involved the client choosing the dedicated team members, assembling the development team and starting with the design sessions.

Dashboard and front-end design

We created a unique dashboard that contains an abundance of information on one screen while making it flexible for mobile. After an information architecture research, a custom software menu for the software was built. We chose a dark colour palette as the base and the colour of the YellowDog logo was used as the highlighted detail. The result was a sci-fi style, high contrast design with easily reachable and clearly visible information.


Our frontend team brought the design of the standalone app as well as the admin dashboard to life, capable of supporting plugins for our client industry’s most used software.


To process thousands of jobs simultaneously and deliver unrivalled computing power to customers, TeleSoftas developed a back-end platform, which distributes the load between thousands of cloud or on-premise servers. On those servers, the YellowDog’s rendering application ( also created by TeleSoftas ) processes user jobs. Throughout the process, the client is provided with real-time data.

Next to that, TeleSoftas team developed plugins ( particularly for 3D modelling software ) so that the platform could support all the main render engines.

Machine learning-powered predictions

We used our machine learning expertise to proactively develop a Prediction Model that allows YellowDog to calculate and predict with a high degree of confidence how long their computing jobs will take to complete and the likelihood of failure of these jobs thus providing an opportunity for planning where it was previously unavailable. The service employs Machine Learning and YellowDog proprietary algorithms to deliver these features.

Performance/ Analytics Dashboard

The YellowDog Performance & Analytics Dashboard displays a performance snapshot with a customisable time frame. This functionality helps System Administrators, Managers, and Analysts understand how YellowDog is helping to improve the utilisation of existing server infrastructure and accelerate processes. The Dashboard is securely accessed through a web browser. This data can be exported by customers for inclusion in documents and presentation slides.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solution

The solution is hybrid and multi-cloud, integrating AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and more, into one product.

”Gareth had an existing relationship with TeleSoftas, an enterprise software development house that he had worked with previously; he liked them, trusted them, and knew they could be mobilized quickly. This really accelerated our development schedule.”

Simon Ponsford
Chief Technical Officer, YellowDog

The outcome

Since Telesoftas has partnered up with YellowDog, the YellowDog Platform has grown to serve more than 2,500 users. Company highlights include:

  • Winning Oracle Disruptive Technology and Oracle Excellence in Innovation awards.
  • BAFTA and Emmy award-winning customers including Blue Zoo and Brown Bag Films.
  • Rendered work on the platform was distributed or broadcasted by BBC, Sky, ITV, Disney, and Nickelodeon, Netflix, and YouTube Originals.
  • Running so much GPU at one point that the production ranked – in terms of Petaflops – as the 8th fastest supercomputer in the world.
Oracle Excellence in Innovation awards.
Photo by YellowDog.

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