This is a story like no other, which happened a month ago in sunny Dubai, October 22nd to be precise. This is a story of the community, tribe, and happy people.

If we could skip this movie-type intro – TeleSoftas tribe people Algirdas (CEO), me and Bart (Head of AI and Data) traveled to Expo 2020 Dubai with the main goal – to be part of the Lithuanian pavilion opening and give a speech about AI and public sector synergy. This was a big honor for us to be part of it, thanks to Enterprise Lithuania and I think to the things we did in the last 17 years.

How did it go? I would say amazing and there are a few reasons why.

1st Reason

Gitex 2021 – biggest annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference happening in MENA region. In July we went to MWC Barcelona 2021 – an annual trade show dedicated primarily to the mobile communications industry, which was a kickoff for things (expos) “getting back to normal” – with limitations, regulations, and cancellations, smaller-scale event compared to the usual one.

We felt a pretty different perspective in MENA – it seemed that every company operating in the region had its presence there. And not only companies but countries, its different departments. And this is the part, which I would like to emphasize – UAE, Saudi Arabia. Progress in technology, applications, and adoption is at another level, but the technology never walks alone. The crucial element is the people around it and this was the part that amazed us the most. Everybody was extremely warm, open, intelligent with smiles on their faces (just like Algirdas). Not the typical surrounding you feel back in Lithuania or the rest of Europe.

2nd Reason

Expo 2020 Dubai. Yes, not 2021, one of the biggest international events in Dubai and UAE history which was postponed by one year due to Covid-19. In this huge scale show, every country has its pavilion and will surprise the guests for the upcoming 6 months, whether it Is New Zealand with its waterfall(ic) approach, Singapore’s botanic garden, or Lithuania’s amber heart. Big, massive event with different agenda every single day – concerts, performances, smells, and tastes.

If we could go back to the roots of the story – Lithuania. Pavilion seemed very nice and refreshing with the main event guest – A/C. We welcomed the prime minister, minister of economy, and other important people of the UAE. I don’t know what the delegation was doing, but they did something right because in the evening our pavilion was welcomed by the Dubai ruler himself – Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Yes, the person who built Dubai from scratch. By having such big guests the day was followed by a business forum and closure of the official part – TeleSoftas speech by Algirdas and Bart.

It was great knowledge sharing on public sector process optimization via the application of AI. They introduced the Lithuanian police force process optimization case and talked about how we faced challenges and opportunities in gathering the data and using it to create the best solution for crime prevention. It greatly displayed how we are creating our country to be a better place and making solutions for the future of Lithuania.

These guys nailed it, it was the part when you are proud of being TeleSoftanian and knowing them personally. Not only because of the solution but also because you could have felt that these amazing ideas convert due to the driving force of amazing company culture. It all came down to an amazing closing party with very intelligent and humble Lithuanian business leaders. The last days were spent meeting new people and doing B2B matchmaking. And of course, exploring the beautiful city of Dubai.

Dominykas Orda
This article was written by TeleSoftas Chief Business Development Officer Dominykas Orda. For more insights from Dominykas follow him on Linkedin.