SMart APPlications Alliance (SMAPPA) is a European business network set up thanks to BEE NET project funded by European Commission and relying on Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) connections. SMAPPA (SMart APPlication Alliance) project aims to offer innovative solutions in the Smart City domain. The goal of SMAPPA is to connect companies’ technologies and experience, to develop a robust, scalable, and secure cloud-based solution that integrates and processes data from different sources of environmental parameters. Furthermore, this solution seeks to automate data mining, simplify direct communication with citizens, and collect/elaborate actual deployed data to provide timely decision-support information.

The consortium is formed by 4 European companies:

SMAPPA got the best score during the project selection phases and we are certainly proud of this achievement. EBN covers the whole project process by consultancy activities, hardware (smart sensors) supply, systems integration and development, and data analysis up to tailored IT developments for final customer’s needs.

Expected impacts of an action plan can be summarized in 4 main points:

  • Increase and improve relations abroad, firstly, with project partners. In order to develop synergies that can be exploited even after the conclusion of the BEE NET project.
  • Increase partnerships and commercial representation agreements in the target markets.
  • Improve each other’s network, level, and quality of provided service. Thanks to the integration of services, products, and the contamination of ideas and experiences.
  • Increase the number of exports in the target market, reaching the goal of at least one shared customer by the end of BEE NET project.

The project duration – Dec 2019 – Present.