Who is this Workbook for?

  1. Professionals, responsible for the innovation strategy in their companies, who aim to develop an AI in their company processes;
  2. Product owners, looking into possibilities with AI, responsible for planning resources, budgets on the technology;
  3. CIO’s, CTO’s, Production Managers, who are curious about how to start implementing AI in their processes and offerings.

What will you learn in this workbook?

Many organizations are investigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive maintenance are emerging as particular hotspots that may help companies maximize competitive advantage and improve business differentiation. And while some are exploiting AI use cases for the first time; others are examining how to advance from a successful starting point. Wherever you are on your journey, assessing the readiness of your organization is an important part of AI project implementation.

The Workbook will provide:

  • Step-by-step guidance to identify the roadblocks as well as the fundamentals for AI adoption – whether it’s related to talent, infrastructure, or compliance;
  • List of questions that you can use to guide your own self-assessment activities, discuss in teams, and present to stakeholders.

Get started with your AI Adoption Workbook:

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