Grow with us

We grew up
But not really

In the last few years, TeleSoftas grew by every measure. However, remaining a workplace, that is faithful to its roots of community, individuality, personal and professional growth and freedom.

TeleSoftas grew as a business ENORMOUSLY

10 million

Reached the 10 mln yearly revenue goal.

227 people

Grew our team up to 227 people. And counting.

3 offices

Expanded to 3 main offices: Klaipėda, Kaunas, Vilnius and 3 representative offices: Amsterdam, San Francisco, Zürich.

Financial Times

Featured by both the Deloitte and the Financial Times among the top fastest-growing companies in the EMEA region and Europe.

15 years

Celebrated 15 years of creating software solutions to our friends and partners.

Our projects have a global impact


high-quality network for
700 mln users around the globe.


broken royalty pipelines in the music industry.


an entirely new solution to disrupt DIY tool renting.

And so, grew our brand.

One big step forward.

All grown-up. But not one bit more serious. 🤟🏼

Just like we were born in the corridors of a dormitory, we stayed that way. Not taking the corporate heights too seriously, our true core has not changed. It’s not only about the goal it is also about the journey. A journey of a community where one can progress, learn and be who they really are.

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