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Meet the customer

VIAVI Solutions, established in 1923 as Wandel and Goltermann in Germany, has a rich history. Known for its innovation and customer-centric approach, VIAVI Solutions has built a solid global reputation. Today, it is a leading provider of network testing, monitoring, and assurance solutions worldwide. By prioritizing innovation and client satisfaction, VIAVI Solutions sets industry standards with cutting-edge solutions that enhance network performance, customer experience, and network security.

The partnership

In 2013, the partnership between VIAVI Solutions and TeleSoftas was forged through a mutual recognition of complementary strengths and a shared vision for innovation. VIAVI Solutions, seeking to enhance its digital offerings and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving telecom industry, recognized the need for robust software solutions to meet the growing demand for data services. Together, for the past 10 years we have navigated the ever-changing landscape of telecommunications technology, creating innovative solutions and ensuring VIAVI Solutions’ respective success in the market. This partnership is a testament to how collaboration and a shared commitment to progress could benefit both parties.

The collaborative effort of our core engineering team burgeoned into the formation of multiple teams comprising over 40 skilled engineers. Commencing its journey, our development initiative was initially focused on creating products such as RANadvisor, and Rubix, ultimately culminating in the comprehensive creation of the VIAVI NITRO™ software suite.

The challenge

Mobile service providers face numerous challenges in today’s rapidly changing tech landscape. Virtualization, cloud computing, network automation, IoT, and 5G have led to a surge in traffic while demanding cost reduction and faster service. IoT, smart cities, and automated cars are shaping the market, relying on location intelligence for advanced analytics. Operators are actively seeking innovative solutions to generate new revenue streams. VIAVI Solutions recognized this need and pursued a location intelligence solution to unlock network potential and automate network optimization, all while prioritizing subscribers and machines.


The company envisioned achieving tangible results through the use of a technology that:

  • Data from all subscribers is collected, Geo-tagged, stored, and analyzed; 
  • App-aware insights to improve the network performance; 
  • Automatize the optimization of the network to utilize the potential of geo-located subscriber-centric intelligence.




Dedicated Development Team
Enhanced Teams
UX/ UI Design
Web App development
Back-end development
Front-end development
Scaled Agile and Project Management
Support & Maintenance
Big-Data Management


Compose lib
Windows Workflow Foundation
AWS S3 Storage
xstl transformations

Team setup

Keeping in mind the addressed challenges, we managed to gather the most important elements that have contributed to the widespread success of the VIAVI NITRO™ software suite, transforming the digital landscape and lives of over a billion subscribers around the globe.

We collaborated in joint teams, as well as formed several teams from scratch, with the impact of both parties and guidance from VIAVI Solutions, we covered most of the instrumental components:

UX expertise

UX expertise, which guaranteed an exceptional user experience, attracting and retaining users worldwide, following the best practices, e.g. Baymard Institute


Backend, data and cloud development

 Backend, data and cloud development, provided the robust foundation and data processing capabilities necessary to support a vast user base.


Frontend (technologies)

Frontend (technologies), ensured a user-friendly interface, making the product accessible to a diverse audience and different needs across different VIAVI Solutions B2B clients’ portfolio. 

QA services

QA services, manual and automation testing in order to maintain product reliability and security at a massive scale.

DevSecOps area

DevSecOps area – managing Cloud and on-premises deployments using IaC (Infrastructure as code), Application performance and vulnerability assessment, High-level architecture & development.

Project management, delivery management, and process management practices

Project management, delivery management, and process management practices used as tailored within the company for the RnD and Projects Teams. Practices are in line with business needs and the best practices & tools as known in the industry Elements of well-known PMI PMP, SAFe for Scaled Agile, Jira plugins, content and code management tools, etc. are used to achieve results and build high-performing co-located and distributed teams.

Clear communication and coordination among these roles, both parties were fundamental to achieving a successful software development outcome.

The Solution

VIAVI NITRO™ software suite was launched in 2018. With NITRO™ software, operators can enhance network performance and improve the quality of experience (QoE) for their customers. This subscriber-centric and app-aware intelligence offers a deep understanding of the customer experience, enabling operators to monetize their network and achieve automated network optimization.

The VIAVI NITRO™ software suite was created with separate products in mind:

NITRO™ GEOperformance

GEOInterfaces: Provides network operators with a comprehensive subscriber-centric view of the Radio Access Network (RAN). It offers precise insights into subscriber experiences, including their locations, usage habits, and network interactions.

NITRO™ Mobility

Designed to support the evolution of 5G networks, this mobile intelligence captures, geolocates, and analyzes subscriber data globally, 24/7. It swiftly identifies locations and determines app usage, duration, effectiveness, and device types.


Enables subscriber-centric and location-aware optimizations, enhancing network performance, including shaping the network by suggesting new locations for antennas.


Combination RAN and CORE while benefiting from modern technical solutions.

The outcome

VIAVI NITRO™ software suite has been widely adopted by companies seeking to leverage telco capabilities across the technological domain, including 3G, 4G, and 5G, explore new revenue streams, and prioritize customer satisfaction.
Our implementation of project management spans various levels, incorporating both Scrum and SAFe methodologies. Each year, we successfully execute numerous global deliveries and deployments, actively engaging our engineers in these processes.

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