What will you be creating in the future?

Getting the right skills and knowledge at the start of your career can be difficult. Theory lives in a parallel to practice, on the other hand, learning sources today are paralyzingly endless. But having the right mentors gives you the ability to create and implement as a pro, rather than a rookie. The most effective way to get there is to have the right mentors.

Every four months we run the TeleSoftas internship program. We invite young talents, still in uni, or just out of uni, to experience what it actually means to work in a world-class digital product development agency. As in many things, there is the exciting part and there is the scary part.

The exciting part  

  • You’ll experience growing your skills in a knowledge sharing culture
  • The chances to be hired at TeleSoftas will catapult through the roof!
  • You’ll get to contribute to creating real-life projects.
  • You’ll learn how good it feels when people root for your success.

The scary part

  • Traditional way of learning might start to seem a slow-lane train.
  • You won’t have time to stare at the wall, we’ll actually expect you to get your hands dirty.
  • You’ll be encouraged to search for answers, contribute, fail and start again.

Get notified about the new internship openings

Once we have open internship positions that match your experience and interest field, we will contact you and maybe even invite you for a cup of tea!

Things you ask
about Internships

What will I do during an internship?

Firstly, you will get familiar with our practices and working guidelines and will have onboarding plan. You will join a team, participate in workshops and events. You will have an experienced mentor who helps you through all your internship. Depending on your progress you will join some real projects we are working with.

When do you have internships in TeleSoftas?

We are having internship openings throughout the year. The timing of the opening depends on the team’s capability to onboard new members and give the best mentorship. However, we’d advise you to check every first month of the quarter or simply subscribe to updates in the Open form above.

How long does an internship last?

Usually, an internship at TeleSoftas lasts about 3 months.

Is an internship part-time or full-time?

Our internships’ length depends on the team. In most cases our internships are full-time, others – part-time. If you want to stay in the company after the internship, full-time availability is necessary most of the time. However, there are some exceptions and you can agree on different models individually.

Do I need to have any experience?

You can find all information about requirements in a certain/ specific internship description. Having some work experience or a proof of record (personal projects, work experience, university projects) in the field you are applying to, is a strong benefit.

Where can I find open internships?

Our internships are on our internship page, they could appear every month so don’t miss a chance. You can fill the “keep me posted” form and be sure that you’ll get info about new positions directly to your email.

What is the first step in order to apply for an internship?

The first step is to contact us, and there are various ways to do that. You can apply to a specific position or send us your CV in the Open form above. Having your personal information will allow us to contact you about in case there is a specific opening that fits your skills.

Can I become an employee after an internship?

Yes, if you show your skills and progress, as well as good results. Since our selection process is already quite demanding, in most cases, interns are offered the opportunity to continue their careers at TeleSoftas.

See their stories

Antanas Šiaulys

During my internship at TeleSoftas, not only I’ve gained exclusive coding experience, I developed an entirely new approach to problem-solving. My mentors shared a lot of very useful insights, taught me to look at problems from various different angles and certainly improved my coding skills a lot! If someone is considering to become a specialist in the field, at an internship at TeleSoftas, not only you’ll learn about the software development process, you’ll have incredible mentors to learn from, real-life products and a lot of fun.

Ieva Dapševičiūtė

An internship at TeleSoftas kick-started my career in IT. I experienced how work is organised in real life and learned about software development processes. My mentors – true experts in their field – not only answered my questions but encouraged me to strive for the best result. I made new connections and found like-minded friends among other colleagues and interns of TeleSoftas. What I’ve learned, I am still applying at my work now, at TeleSoftas!

Tomas Vitkus

My internship at TeleSoftas was one of the most productive and fun summers in my life. From day one all the interns were included into the TeleSoftas community as equal members and received full support from mentors, top professionals of their field. The programming-mentoring culture and information I received was top notch! It was a great way to grow, update my knowledge and gain entirely new skills. I was involved in the creation of a real product and participated in all the stages of software development. The aura of TeleSoftas and my colleagues simply carried me towards the end goal, personal and team one. I can state with confidence – I feel I made a great step forward and I’m very happy to have joined the TeleSoftas family!