Step forward to Internship

Spring Session

Start: February

Autumn Session

Start: September

  • Duration: 3-6 months
  • Paid internship
  • Flexible work hours
  • Possibility to work from Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipeda
  • Opportunity to join TeleSoftas team as an employee
  • Strong interns community, fun & empowerment

What you’ll get


Ownership, real projects, its ok to make mistakes, ensure growth, engagement, flexible work hours.


Mentor, onboarding, knowledge sharing, workshops, pair programming.


Interns squad, meet & greet, board games, movie nights, hiking, pets in the office, diversity.


Teamwork, knowledge & feedback sharing.

The exciting part

  • You’ll experience growing your skills in a knowledge sharing culture
  • The chances to be hired at TeleSoftas will catapult through the roof!
  • You’ll get to work with your mentor and the team
  • You’ll learn how good it feels when people root for your success
  • You’ll get the chance to participate in team & community activities

The scary part

  • Traditional way of learning might start to seem a slow- lane train
  • You won’t have time to stare at the wall, we’ll actually expect you to get your hands dirty
  • You’ll be encouraged to search for answers, contribute, fail and start again
  • Your experience will be empowered, but you’ll have to use it wisely

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See their stories

Martyna Beinarytė

Martyna Beinarytė

I heard great things about TeleSoftas, so I was excited to apply, and the internship program exceeded my expectation. My time at TeleSoftas helped me learn and grow in different ways, from learning and practising the technical side of the HR role to developing the skills required when working with a team. I also learned a lot about myself during my internship; I discovered what I am good at, what I love doing and what I need to work on. I am still very grateful for the team who embraced my presence and allowed me to participate in their events (I even got to join the workation) and all syncs.

Benas Strauka

When I joined TeleSoftas as an intern, I knew I would receive a mentor, but I was expecting it to be a mid or senior-level developer who would be willing to take the time to guide me. When I arrived, I was surprised to learn that I received a TTL (the wonderful Giedrius Budrys) as my mentor. Throughout my internship, he answered all of my ‘dumb’ questions and guided me with his years of experience and deep understanding. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from developers who constantly continue mastering their craft, and I would recommend others to apply to the TeleSoftas internship program.

Arnoldas Ambrasas

Arnoldas Ambrasas

My internship in TeleSoftas helped me understand the business aspects of coding; I learned that my code has to be clean and make sense to the other developers working on the project. For this reason, I would say that I gained the skill to “code in a team” thanks to my internship experience.

Arūnas Martinaitis

There is a lot to learn in TeleSoftas. All you have to do is be open and take it in. The team I was in provided me with a lot of well-documented learning material and whoever I turned to for advice was excited and willing to help me figure things out. I would confidently say that being a TeleSoftas intern helped me in both my career and my personal life.

Antanas Šiaulys

During my internship at TeleSoftas, not only I’ve gained exclusive coding experience, I developed an entirely new approach to problem-solving. My mentors shared a lot of very useful insights, taught me to look at problems from various different angles and certainly improved my coding skills a lot! If someone is considering to become a specialist in the field, at an internship at TeleSoftas, not only you’ll learn about the software development process, you’ll have incredible mentors to learn from, real-life products and a lot of fun.

Ieva Dapševičiūtė

An internship at TeleSoftas kick-started my career in IT. I experienced how work is organised in real life and learned about software development processes. My mentors – true experts in their field – not only answered my questions but encouraged me to strive for the best result. I made new connections and found like-minded friends among other colleagues and interns of TeleSoftas. What I’ve learned, I am still applying at my work now, at TeleSoftas!

Tomas Vitkus

My internship at TeleSoftas was one of the most productive and fun summers in my life. From day one all the interns were included into the TeleSoftas community as equal members and received full support from mentors, top professionals of their field. The programming-mentoring culture and information I received was top notch! It was a great way to grow, update my knowledge and gain entirely new skills. I was involved in the creation of a real product and participated in all the stages of software development. The aura of TeleSoftas and my colleagues simply carried me towards the end goal, personal and team one. I can state with confidence – I feel I made a great step forward and I’m very happy to have joined the TeleSoftas family!

Nazarii Honcharenko

My internship at TeleSoftas allowed me to enhance my Flutter skills significantly while gaining essential insights into app development principles and agile methodologies. I was inspired by developers rolling up their sleeves and methodically tackling tasks. The pleasure of coming to the office is rooted in the company of like-minded individuals—people you enjoy spending time with both during and after work.

Aleksandr Poklonskij

Throughout my internship, I felt huge support, allowing me to gain experience and confidently face any challenge. The team’s passion-infused guidance, introduction to IT operations, and methodologies, and the opportunity to enhance soft skills through client interactions all contributed to my growth. Despite the challenges, my unwavering passion helped me to combine my studies with the internship and join the team, with engaging events and mentorship enhancing the experience. This marked a thrilling new chapter supported by the guidance of colleagues and my design family.