Why have we launched Code4Equity?

Many strong business ideas and innovations fail to see day light due to the lack of technological skills or financing. That is why we have launched Code4Equity. We believe that every great idea should have at least a chance to be heard. We are more than happy to invest our time and technical expertise to kickstart life changing solutions.

What is Code4Equity?

Code for equity is a way of financing when we get compensated for building code and design of a product with the shares of a company instead of money.

What do we offer?

Co-financing of the product development (applications, websites and platforms or the entire solution) through design and development services.

Who we are?

We are the ones who elevate brave business ideas into the future. We help our partners adopt digital transformation by delivering product engineering solutions and know-how of the most cutting-edge technologies. Learn more about our services here.




Promos is an FMCG data analytics company with a mission to unlock the value of SKU-level purchase data. The Promos consumer app enables the company to crowd-source, capture, structure, and analyze consumer shopping basket data without retail POS integration. Promos provides a single consumer picture across all retailers and is used by both FMCG brands and retailers for pricing intelligence, retailer audit, consumer analytics, rapid feedback collection and surveying, promotion analytics, and optimization. Promos currently offers its services to FMCG brands, retailers, and market research companies in Spain.



“Telesoftas Code4Equity is a bold initiative that helped us prove our product value proposition in the market. We have worked together closely and integrated the Telesoftas developer team into our business processes. We went from proof-of-concept to a fully functioning MVP and are now ready to scale thanks to great teamwork.”


CEO, Andrius Juozapaitis


B2B / B2C

Aichom, powered by artificial intelligence, seeks to provide personalized advice to families on care for their loved ones, taking into account the monitored health and location data. The app is designed for iPhones and works with an Apple watch. A family caregiver will be able to track the patient’s whereabouts, see if the patient left the safe zone, and receive caregiving advice and support. The app will be available to residents of the US, Canada, and the UK.



“Even in the early stages of dementia, patients leave home and cannot find their way back, which puts a physical threat to their health. Solutions by Aichom will reduce anxiety levels for families of people with dementia, provide emotional comfort, and access to clearly presented and evidence-based information on dementia, leisure activities, innovation in the field, health insurance, and legal aspects. We are glad to be working with a reliable and professional team of TeleSoftas, which accelerates the development of our solutions.”


CEO, MD Mindaugas Galvosas



The platform, which optimizes the truck fleet profitability by finding the best loads for every truck, by enabling performance tracking, cost, and income management. Spedlite is a company delivering a cloud-based solution for truck fleet management. The company providing the tools for a variety of truck fleet metrics aggregation, transformation, exposure, resource planning, etc. Their customers emphasize the increased mileage, profitability, and cost efficiency using the Spedlite solution.



“There was the tremendous role of Telesoftas, which helped us to achieve this. Telesoftas provided us a team of IT engineers for the last 20 months, and will provide it in the future as well. With their help we have reached the point where we can do the market acquisition. It is really important, that we have reached the close and productive collaboration between business development and IT development teams.”


CEO, Vytautas Lesčiauskas


B2B / B2C

Quizmart offers features for professional events at scale hosting up to 100 000 players in a live game. Board games have always been a fun way to get people together. Not only are they fun, but they are important tools to facilitate communication skills, develop knowledge and critical thinking skills in both kids and adults, alike. However, normal life routines have  changed overnight as social distancing, lockdown, gathering, and other safety restrictions appeared due to a pandemic virus spread. Quizmart is the quiz games marketplace and peer-to-peer platform rewarding creators each time their quiz is played. 



Digital quiz platforms could be a solution with digital experience of freedom to meet, play and communicate over distance. However, existing solutions are not secure enough, not user friendly, expensive and not stable. Quizmart is a high-quality quiz content online marketplace connecting content creators with peer quiz players. Become a creator and get rewarded with money and attention, or become a player with the possibility to choose thousands of free games options and custom paid content.


CEO, Algirdas Stonys



d.octo enables companies to become data-driven. It can be considered DSaaS (Data Science as a Service), allowing companies to store and access their data in a centralized way. On top of the centralized data the tool facilitates Data Science experiments and machine learning. All of the data and machine learning derived insights can be visualized immediately.



“Platform features everything from Unified data analytics, business intelligence, data-driven decision-making framework, Cloud analytics modernization to full customer experience service. d.octo helps to understand data pouring into your company and what it means to your customer, while building greater experience.”


CEO, Bart Kappel




Hive5 is a team of innovators providing cutting-edge technologies and services to help in solving global challenge through the improvement of the daily life of a modern beekeeper. They offer a digital solution for individual bee farmers and companies at scale. Hive5 aims at tackling complex bee hives maintenance, extinction, and security threats issues in any geographical location. It is an integrated hardware and software solution that supports from 1 to 250 beehives in a single farm.



“Founded by a group of buddies who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper and converting home into R&D laboratory, today we offer smart, innovative Plug and Play bee hives assistance solution. Thanks to Telesoftas #Code4Equity program we managed to kick-start much more faster.”


CEO, Vidmantas Porutis

What is the % of the business shares for TeleSoftas?

We pursue a share between 5% and 25%, depending on the effort and different services needed.

How do projects/businesses get evaluated?

We use widely agreed assessment methods and while we might involve an external management consultancy, most of the time the decision is made by TeleSoftas. The assessment for start-up projects which do not have implemented their sales yet, appear rather subjective. In this case, the company value depends on the produced contributions. On these occasions, we are extremely flexible, depending on the project, the founding team, etc.

We already have a developer/designer. Would TeleSoftas still be interested in participating?

Yes, we are open to collaborate and discuss case by case.

What do I have to do if I am interested in Code4Equity arrangement with TeleSoftas?

We would like to get to know you and your team, the state of play of your business idea and the product-market fit. Then, we dive deeper into business numbers and a more precise plan of the execution. Finally, together with you we agree on the contract details, sign it and start your business idea come true.

Start to make it real!