TeleSoftas is all about empowerment and taking ownership of your work and decisions, hence our developers, designers, quality assurance, and management teams are self-organized and passionate about what they do! ⚡

Team Growth Mentor (so-called Soft Team Lead inside Telesoftas) is there to support, guide, and enable team & individuals to grow forward and reach their best potential while maintaining maximum happiness!

Currently, there are eight Team Growth Mentors that have dedicated teams in TeleSoftas. As a separate team, all Team Growth Mentors support one another and work on common goals as well as process improvements. Being a Team Growth Mentor, you will have a dedicated team on your own and will support some other colleague by sharing responsibilities within a scaled team!

TeleSoftas teams are located in Kaunas, Vilnius, and Klaipėda that is why you need to be open to managing a partly remote team and travel to another city once in a while. 🚗

So if you are a flexible people person who is willing to experiment in order to create strong relations within a team, nurture the team’s growth and ensure consistency – we need EACH OTHER!

About the job


  • Initiate 1-2-1 conversations with each team member and help him/her shape the career and growth plan.
  • Understand what motivates each team member and try to find ways how he/she can stay motivated.
  • Enable individuals to reflect on their progress and seek feedback.
  • Facilitate Salary Review meetings with each team member, based on input from Technical Team Lead, Project Manager, Human Resources Manager, budget guidelines.


  • Understand the team’s needs and goals and look for ways how you can help a team to achieve them.
  • Facilitate discussions and boost communication within and outside the team.
  • Look at the team and its processes from a broader perspective, in order to capture what might be overlooked.
  • Initiate activities that grow your team (retrospectives, feedback, reality check, team building, training, and so on).
  • Notice platform team problems and tensions not only reactively but also proactively, and help solving them.
  • Act as a bridge with other teams and departments.


  • Plan & maintain training/conferences budget. 
  • Capture and document information gathered from 1-2-1, retrospectives, and other meetings. 
  • Participate in hiring and off-boarding process (interview people with HR, maintain on/off-boarding checklists for incoming or exiting team members).

Other than that

  • Participate in Team Growth Mentor’s team meetings and improve this role and process.
  • Collaborate and have regular sync with other interested parties all over the organization is the key.
Required skills
  • Social studies (HR, sociology, psychology).
  • Experience working with teams and the ability to operate within the team.
  • Leadership skills.
  • A strong sense of responsibility and determination to take ownership of the team’s growth and happiness.
  • Effectiveness in a variety of communication settings: one-on-one, groups, diverse styles, diverse position levels.
  • Active listening skills.
  • Excellent communication skills in English (verbal, written, presentation).
  • Effective feedback giving skills.
  • Flexibility to connect with different people and build a team from them.
  • Self-confidence and personal maturity to get involved in the work right away.
Nice to have’s:
  • Overall understanding of the IT field.
  • Certified mentoring and coaching experience.
  • Experience as HR in a company.
We offer:
  • An innovative role to work a social job in a unique structure IT company.
  • Freedom and empowerment to choose your own working methods.
  • Empowerment to shape the whole organization. 
  • A strong community of Team Growth Mentors that applies modern management methods, really cares for its employees and empowers them.
  • TeleSoftas is all about changes and improvement, therefore we have knowledge sharing activities, workshops, a training budget, 10% of work time – for learning initiatives.
  • We believe that you should manage your own time, that is why we have a flexible working hour policy and the possibility to work from home.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it? The same goes for team spirit. For that, we have a monthly dedicated team-building budget.
  • Net salary: 1000-1300 Eur/ month (plus annual salary reviews).

We are waiting for applications until December 2nd!