Discovering the True Meaning of Innovation with Login Festival

Nestled well in the selection of regular ‘tech’ conferences that take place in the Baltics, Login isn’t about pitching, startups, or the latest piece of software or hardware, but more meta, and about the technology itself.

Lithuanians suggest to bring you back to childhood to cure phobias

This platform uses a method recommended by psychologists. If a person has phobias, he should go back to his childhood, remembering himself as a kid, because at that time he did not yet had phobias.

How my inner child avatar and an HTC Vive helped me face my fear of heights

"I'm not good with heights. Sweaty hands, tunnel vision … So when Lithuanian software company TeleSoftas offered to cure my acrophobia at MWC 2018 using an HTC Vive, I was intrigued."
YellowDog: How to Make Working With an Outsourced Team a Success

Gareth Williams, founder and CEO at Yellow Dog looks at how you can make working with an outsourced team a success.