Why do Soft Skills Matter? Even if you’re a Developer

Mastering soft skills can be a game-changer for software developers. In this article, TeleSoftas Soft Team Lead Vaida Žliobaitė explains why it is essential to develop these skills and lists the ones that are most crucial in tech workplaces.

TeleSoftas starts a new partnership to help the development of an international genetic research platform

TeleSoftas has started cooperating with Congenica – developers of the world’s leading automated decision support platform for the analysis of genomic data. TeleSoftas will further develop the platform’s functionalities, allowing for faster and more accurate research of genetic diseases at scale.

A Guide to Node.js and Its Possibilities: Why & When to Use It?

Developers love it because, it is a stable, mature, low footprint, easy to learn technology with an extensive community. Clients love it because it is asynchronous, scalable, easily maintained. Find out everything you need to know about node.js - a technology leveraged by Netflix, LinkedIn, Google, Medium and even Nasa in their production.

How Does Customer-Centricity Drive Business Value?

How a important customer-centricity really is for today's businesses? Is it something your business should be focused on? Read the article by our Account Manager Gabrielė Navagrudskaitė and get your answers!

Strong AI vs Weak AI: What to Anticipate from It?

What is AI like today? What myths surround this topic and what can we anticipate from artificial intelligence in the future? Hop in as TeleSoftas Lead AI Engineer Bart Kappel sheds the light on the topic.

Adobe XD vs. Figma: Comparing Top Design Tools

Read the expert review of all the best UX tools in the market for teams with broad collaboration needs. TeleSoftas designers just recently have switched their main tool SKETCH. In this article, TeleSoftas UX designer Tomas Urlikas lays down all one should be aware of when navigating the numerous design solutions!